Remote Monitoring

Remote health monitoring, based on wearable, non-invasive sensors, is a cost-effective solution

that allows people to live in the comfort of their own homes but still be monitored 24x7 by healthcare facilities. The wearables under consideration are blood pressure, ECG, blood glucose, skin temperature, galvanic skin response (GSR) and SpO2 monitors. Data from these wearables will be transmitted to CandiPhi healthcare platform in the cloud. Real time analytics will use the data ingested to track the person’s physiological signs and will send alerts whenever set thresholds are exceeded. The thresholds for each physiological sign (for e.g. blood pressure) will be determined per person, on the basis of the data ingested for that individual.

These alerts will be sent to the person’s smartphone, hospitals, the family physician, digital health advisors and/or to whomever else the person wishes to notify. In addition to remote monitoring, machine learning algorithms will act on the data ingested and will predict the risk of contracting a disease, for e.g. cancer, diabetes or Alzheimer’s. Our Platform is a cloud-based healthcare facility that is easily scalable. Adding an individual to the system is as simple as attaching a wearable to the person’s body and establishing wireless communication to the cloud-based infrastructure.