Preventive Healthcare

With the prevalence of life threatening diseases like diabetes and cancer (among others), people are left wondering about what they might need to do to keep themselves healthy

Paying attention to what one eats and getting sufficient exercise are only two of the things people could do to keep themselves disease free. The Candiphi health platform acts like a team of doctors monitoring your health every second and giving you advice on what needs to be done if they see something that needs attention. The Platform will monitor your vital parameters, monitor the changes in your body after a meal, monitor the way your body reacts to stress or exertion and will arrive at a consolidated score per disease. For e.g. a score that indicates whether you are at low-risk, medium-risk or high-risk of diabetes, cancer or Alzheimer’s. Medium-risk and high-risk cases will be advised to seek medical attention.

Data sent to the platform by wearables will be combined with patient data stored in the form of electronic health records, to arrive at a probability score for contracting the disease. Our platform will be used to alert people and/or their doctors, if the consolidated score for a disease or the statistics associated with a particular parameter cross a certain threshold. The consolidated health score of a person can be treated like a “health selfie”.