Point of Care Solutions

The Candiphi platform powered by Rijuven’s unique Clinic-In-A-Bag product, offers a set of FDA Certified wireless diagnostic devices. Wide array of non-invasive tests that include vital sign checks, ECG, cardiac function, dermascope, otoscope, lung function tests.

Point of care tests include blood glucose, lipid profile and Urine routine tests. Fully automated, error free data transmission that instantly sends data to the cloud. The first of its kind in Point of care Analytics, diagnosis and Report flagging. AI embedded software analytics that detects a host of clinical conditions.Integrated App detects Cardiac attacks, Arrhythmias, MI’s, Arterial Fibrillation.Early warnings on CoPD, Diabetes among others. Complete EHR/EMR solution. Tests conducted in the comfort of the office or the home. All information is presented in the user facing smartphone app. Intelligence and predictive capability grows as data builds over time. Users can view and upload test results, talk to specialists, get lifestyle plans and order for medicines from their smartphone via the integrated Lifestyle Management/Telemedicine platform.