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With life expectancy on the rise, the number of people over the age of 65 is increasing

The healthcare infrastructure in many countries will soon be ill equipped to deal with the increased burden of having to support and care for these senior citizens. The problem becomes more pronounced when our elders have no one to look after them and are forced to live alone. Without easy access to quality healthcare and early and accurate diagnosis of ailments, our senior citizens will be left to fend for themselves

CandiPhi health platform has the singular objective of being able to monitor a person’s health in real-time.

We do this with the help of remote monitoring and use machine learning techniques to analyse a person’s real-time and historical health data to predict that person’s risk of contracting a particular disease, for e.g. cancer, diabetes or Alzheimer’s. The data can be visualized in the form of graphs, via a smartphone app or via a web application that patients and doctors can connect to. The initial focus is on remote health monitoring and diabetes detection. Detection and prognosis of cancer and Alzheimer's will follow.


Every human being will be a potential customer. Anyone who is 45 years or older will form the first potential customer base. The second segment of customers will be hospitals and nursing homes. With the help of wearables, nurses at hospitals needn’t physically check the patients’ vital signs. Data from the wearables will be displayed on a central dashboard (organized by bed and ward number) and nurses and doctors will be able to look at the dashboard and see how the patient is doing. Alerts can be sent to nursing staff based on the thresholds being monitored. The same strategy can be employed at ICUs and nursing homes. The wearable technology can also be extended to new born babies, in future. Once the data platform is robust, it can be extended to people in other walks of life, for e.g. corporate offices and fitness centres among others.

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